Pragmatic Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms for Teenagers

Since more and more visitors have a demand for small bedroom ideas for teenagers, we will offer you some brilliant small bedroom decorating ideas in this post. When girls come into this age, they extremely need an intimate space to study and keep their secrets. What you need to do is designing a space saving, comfortable and beautiful room for them with all your techniques and imagination.


Multifunctional Furniture

A good example here is the picture below, which can be used for various forms. Each form is practical in normal life, and these multifunctional furniture is absolutely a great idea you should consider. Another good example here is a storage ottoman, which collects lots of craft supplies, shoes and sundries. It can be also used for a seat or a table, depending on whether your teenager sits on the floor.

Pragmatic Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms for Teenagers


Choose bright color

Although small room looks poky, we still have methods to make the whole space appear larger than its original size. The most prominent way is choosing bright color, which has a strong visual effect on the sense of space. You’d better make sure that the color covers the whole space, which means you should choose coordinating furniture and bedding. So choosing the color basis ought to be a deliberate step.


Provide an exclusive study area for your teenagers

Set a desk instead of a closet for an exclusive study area for them. You’d better choose those ones with a upper cabinet which store books. Hang knapsack on each side of the desk by setting up more shelves. Then install a socket behind the desk in order to supply power to their computers and lamps. Place a memorandum book or paste a scratchpad or calendar on the shelf to remind them. Folding chairs are convenient to use and save you extra space.



Placing mirrors in the correct position works extremely fine when you try to make a small bedroom look larger. It also sparkle the whole room, making it much brighter. Coupled mirrors are recommended to be placed in the opposite side to extend the whole room. Mirrors are particularly favored by teenage girls.


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