Fantastic Ideas on Decorating a Small Bedroom on a Budget

Are you out of your mind trying to decorate your bedroom on a small budget and make it appear large? It’s difficult but the good news is that there’re still a few ideas to achieve your goal without spending lots of money, if you catch the key points in this article. No matter it’s your first time to decorate your bedroom or you’re just remodeling it, reading these tips before getting start will save you quite a few money. Hope these bedroom decorating ideas will help you design a brilliant bedroom that you can’t wait to live in.


Do we really need to remove queen-size beds?

There are many sayings about removing queen-size beds from small bedroom to save more space for other items. Although it’s quite reasonable, keeping it in the bedroom is not wrong because for most people, large sleeping space makes them fall asleep easily and sleep well. Also, buying a new bed is not a wise action. You can save the money for other decor.

Whether you have a large or a small bed, there is still space to take advantage of. It’s recommended to remove the headboard and replace it with an elegant tapestry, like the picture below. If you have a tight wallet, you can just paste large pictures with beautiful patterns to replace your headboard.

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Don’t sacrifice too much height

Sometimes people make excessive use of height, which results in a crowded feeling to people, especially when standing in a small bedroom. Furniture like floor to ceiling cabinet, headboards and big mirrors are chief culprits because they are space killers that should be removed to make bedroom appear large.


Give a new coat to your furniture

If furniture in your bedroom is in a dark color, you can go to stores to buy some spray cans of light colors like cream, seashell and ivory. Then read the instructions on the can, and sand your furniture. Afterwards paint them into completely new ones.


What kind of paint combination should we choose?

As we’ve already mentioned painting, let’s continue to talk about painting other stuff. First a fresh new color of wall will light up the whole bedroom. An appropriate color combination will generate the exact atmosphere you want. For more information about how to choose color for bedrooms you can refer to bedroom color ideas. To save money you can keep those items with dark colors and just paint small elements like pillows or bedspreads with light colors to create an interlaced illusion.

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