Absolutely Useful Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms for Kids

There is no need to worry about having a small bedroom space.  What is important is how you design it. A deliberate design for your kid’s small bedroom can solve the limited space problem and help create a funny, playable and comfortable bedroom, if you properly arrange the bedroom’s furniture, colors, bedding and light. We’ve collected some cute design ideas for small bedrooms for kids for you.


Fully taking advantage of the height and arranging the bedroom with minimalist furniture

There’re varieties of multifunctional and space-saving furniture that could help you through this, such as bunk beds or beds with trundles, multimedia storage cabinet or media storage tower, deck chair or folding chair, etc. Sometimes we just ignore the height of the bedroom which can be completely taken advantage of by placing proper multifunctional furniture. Higher space in the bedroom is usually regarded as an extra storage space solution, especially for kids bedrooms for their incredible amount of stuff. We also collect some pictures that demonstrate this idea for you.

Use shelves instead of toy box

There is no need to place a special toy container to store the toys, monopoly cards, comic books or balls. You can set some shelves up the closet and use clothes rack to store these stuff. By doing this you can gain some extra space to place other furniture or just leave it clean to make the bedroom appear tidy.


Bedroom Design Ideas for bed

Kids love to collect all the goods they liked. Set up some storage units under the bed to arrange the space under the bed. Don’t just put all the sundries under the bed without any container, because this would provide an environment for bacterium, which may affect your kid’s health. If you have more than one kid, then bunk beds are a good choice for you.


Expand the vision

There is a controversial small bedroom idea that appropriate color combinations can expand the sight of a bedroom. The point of this idea here is to mix a dominant light color with darker shades or a deep color with lighter shades. The other point of this idea is to add horizontal or vertical lines on the wall to make the wall looks wider or taller.