How to Decorate Your Bedroom’s Corner

There’re corners in every family’s bedroom. You can’t ignore a corner without well decorated, leaving it blank, like the picture below. It’s rather uncomfortable, right?

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But, it may be weird that you couldn’t find much information like an instruction leading you through a process of decorating a bedroom’s corner, when you try to figure out an efficient way. So why did you step into such a situation? Because you’ve never been thinking about it even for a moment carefully.

Different bedrooms have different corners, according to its size. In many cases, corners are beside the window or the doorway, which becomes covering to the corner. This would not work if you try to create a well decorated corner. Next we’ll discuss how to decorate your corner by teaching you some basic ideas and showing you some good and bad examples.


First of all, Revaluate your bedroom

You should figure out the answer to this question: Do I really want to create a visually comfortable corner or just leave it off my sight? Do I really need to decorate it, or I just need to rearrange the furniture position? Do I have to place the furniture covering the corner? Do I have an attractive corner that totally draws the sight of people in my bedroom? Well, We believe most of you doesn’t have an elegant corner, but we strongly recommend you to have a try by balance the items in your bedroom.

Let’s look at two “not that good” examples. Look at the first one below. It’s beautiful but a little too crowded and the plug is also visible. So here you should remember that don’t put too many accessories or items in the corner. 

How to Decorate Your Bedroom's Corner (2)

Ok, look at the second one:

How to Decorate Your Bedroom's Corner (3)

The left one leaves the corner too much blank, and we can also see a plug there. So you can add some appropriate decor there. The right one is the improved corner, much more pretty, right? So here what you should remember is that don’t leave the corner completely blank.


Second, don’t make the corner overcrowded.

A too crowded corner gets people’s attention but doesn’t bring them enjoyable feelings of vision. Like this one, the corner is filled with too many items.

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In most cases, the corners in the bedroom just need to slightly decorated, like adding a chair or a floor lamp.

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Third, try to balance the bedroom and corners.

The marrow and also the hardest part in bedroom decorating ideas is balancing all the components to a harmonious level. The components include, color themes, wall colors and decor, flooring, carpet, lighting and furniture. So with so many elements we should consider, how could we easily deal with it without any trouble? Although we’re not experts in interior design, we can hold some useful ideas in our mind to deal with the common problems.

The most important is that you should focus on balancing your bedroom’s furniture, putting other components behind yourself. What you should consider is balance. Arrange them in an ordered way. Like the picture below, every component in this picture has its own space and is not disorderly.

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At last we’ll offer you more pictures showing some well-balanced corners. They are all successful cased that offer people a comfortable visual feeling.

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