Decorating Ideas for Master Bedroom Windows to Spark Inspiration

If there’re windows in your bedroom, then you’ll have plenty of decorating ideas for your bedroom windows. Normally, bedroom windows should meet 3 requirements: enough sunshine, comfortable and consistent with bedroom colors. Below are some ideas and tips collected to spark your inspiration for bedroom masters.


Long or short curtains?

Long curtains always bring dramatic and gorgeous feeling to people. The longer, the more gorgeous they are. Long curtains with softly patterned neutral textiles will increase length and bring drama to your decoration. So, curtains are always decorative. It’ll make your intimate space more personalized. When you attempt to design a relaxed and casual bedroom, curtains should be shorter.


Curtains’ color

Choosing the correct window curtains’ color can be amazingly complex. The wrong color will entirely destroy the design’s feeling that you create. The key point is: Don’t use single color. Patterned curtains with interphase color will increase lively atmosphere to your bedroom. If you are a DIY designer, you can design your own curtains with geometric patterns and colors.


Beautiful potting

Outside your window, potting is always a good choice to decorate your window. We strongly suggest you choose flowers with powerful fragrance and bright color. Fragrant flowers will bring your bedroom a very fresh and pure fragrance, giving people wonderful mood through the whole day. At night it will also bring you some romantic atmosphere and intimacy.



If your bedroom is designed in modern style, then shutter (vertical blinds) is a good option for you. Choosing a shutter with pure fabric that match the whole window’s frame is preferred by lots of people. Pure colored wooden vertical blinds provide secrecy and block the light when respecting spatial limitations. The contrast with the black-painted windows creates a graphic, architectural effect. You should also focus on its easiness of use and simplification. Because of its lack of elegance, it’s not used for countryside styles.