6 Designer Tips for Master Bedroom Decoration

People want their master bedroom locate in the best direction, and best lighting, quiet, secluded location. It should be the most comfortable and warm room in the house. Usually, master bedroom decoration should match some of the following features and organization ideas.

The main function of master bedroom is, providing intimate place for homeowners to rest and sleep, so at the beginning of your design draft, you should set a simple and private tone for your master bedroom. Here is a few recommended master bedroom decoration design suggestions from experts which should be taken into account:

Storage capacity

There is no doubt that master bedroom storage capacity is an important element in bedroom design. If your bedroom is large enough, you can consider a cloakroom at early stages of design. Its high storage capacity and high level of structuralization is much better than large wardrobes. And if you have a small bedroom, it is very necessary to determine the position of bed and chest in early stages. Afterwards you take others like chair, desk etc. into account.

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High-quality and eco-friendly wood ground floor or carpet is recommended, but take notice, you should choose warm light as main tone. This will enhance people’s feeling of warmth, so that people feel good and comfortable to fall asleep easily.

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It is not suitable to place too many decorations in a bedroom, because this would not only make Interior looks messy, but also make people hard to sleep.

The wall

The wall in the bedroom must not have too many colors, like large blocks of beautiful colors adorning the walls. Because too much color combinations and bright color make people difficult to feel quiet and fall asleep. So, whether there are wall colors or wallpapers, for master bedroom, elegant and warm tones are always preferred.

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Curtain and Bed shade

There is no doubt that curtain provides the most important protection of privacy of your bedroom. We recommend you to use crisscross, loose and silk bed shade  and pleated curtain that can generate a particular atmosphere for you bedroom. The material and color of your curtain and bed shade should match the whole tone of your bedroom.

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First, bedroom lighting should be in warm light and minimize the use of cool light. Secondly, at the bedside, setting a simple table lamp is also very intimate and close. And be aware, the best bedside lamp is adjustable, avoiding interference of the sleep of the other one.

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