How Colors Affect a Bedroom’s Size

Colors will be magic spells to sparkle your bedroom, if you skillfully and properly use them. As you may not know the vision effect of different colors influencing people’s feeling, here lists a picture and a table that help you figure out the functions of cool and warm colors.

How Colors Affect a Bedroom's Size


Color Types



Cool Colors

Blues(SkyBlue, StateBlue, SteelBlue)

Greens(SeaGreen,LimeGreen,SpringGreen, Olive)

Purples(DarkViolet, DarkOchid, Indigo)

These colors help steady and cool down a bedroom or color scheme. For spectators, these colors look receding  and drawing back.

Cool Neutrals

Whites, Creams, Grays, Taupes, Beiges, Ivory, Gainsboro

Cool neutrals add the atmosphere of more space to a bedroom.

Warm Colors

Reds(Pink, Fuchsia, Plum)

Oranges(Salmon, Coral, Moccasin)

Yellows(Gold, Khaki), magentas

These colors make people feel comfortable, warm and vitalized.

Warm Neutrals

Browns, Tans, Crimson

These colors appear to press close to the observers, and they also make an capacious bedroom appear smaller.

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