Videos for Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Teenage Girls

Recently we’ve added a number of articles and pictures about bedroom decorating ideas to help people get through their decorating works. But only texts and images can not completely help a man learn the marrow of bedroom decorating. So we get start to collect videos about bedroom decorating ideas to give you a more visual feeling to help you find your inspiration. Today we’ll offer you some popular and classical videos on youtube for bedroom decorating ideas for teenage girls.



1. MY NEW ROOM! (Room Tour!)


This is an absolutely wonderful video that you can’t miss. The girl in this video demonstrates many tips on how to decorate your bedroom on a budget. You’ll find that even if you didn’t spend any money, you still have lots of free decors to lighten your bedroom.


2. Bedroom decorating ideas for teen girls!


This video comes from an interior designer, Rebecca Robeson. In this video she helps her hairdresser to get through the whole bedroom decorating process from zero to a beautiful new bedroom, which finally gives a big surprise to a 17 year old girl.

There are many inspirational ideas and tips on choosing colors, bedding, cabinet, and mural paintings. Its last 3 minutes are advertisements so you just need to watch previous 9 minutes.


3. Teen Bedroom Ideas


This video provides you a step by step guide on how to choose unique decorations, themes, colors teen bedding and beds, as well as organizing. Although it’s just text and pictures, you must admit that they do give you some inspirations.


4. Bedrooms for teen girls


If you’re a lazy girl who don’t want scroll up and down to watch pictures on our sites, maybe you can watch this video, in which there are plenty of beautiful bedroom pictures for teen girls.