How to Decorate Your Bedroom for Teenage Girl

Imagination and interests of teenage girls are always capriccioso, changing from time to time when they grow. The style of fashionable, relaxed, luxuriant and gorgeous bedroom always attracts them, because it represents their life themes. They’re also very easily affected by their fellows, so bedroom decorating ideas for a teenage girl always become great challenges to homeowners.

Instructions below are step by step guide that you should grasp, which might make you a expert of bedroom design through your decorating process.


Step One: Determine the Shades

Girls in this age often act like an adult to express a signal of independence. So, to be creative and personalized, you’d better not adopt traditional bedroom color ideas, for example, using shades with childish and bland color like light yellow and pink, though you might see these colors in every girl’s bedroom. Teenage girl’s bedroom should base on a more mature, appealing and comfortable tone. Colors like maroon, powder blue, dark red or dark orchid will meet this requirement.  These colors will not only keep the girly, fashionable and elegant feelings but also generate more lively and vivid atmosphere to teenage girl’s bedroom.


Step Two: Decorate the Wall

There’re excellent methods to decorate the walls around the internet. And we’ve been carefully choosing classical bedroom videos to help our visitors. Here we recommend you painting the walls with a soft and jewelry color like ruby, amber, turquoise or amethyst. These colors appear softer and more expanded, in case the bedroom space appearing too limited. They also meet the luxuriant and fashionable demand of teenage girls. Pay more attention to the shades of pink in case being too childish when painting.


Step three: Add fabric and texture

Fabrics and textures are top valuable ways to decorate a bedroom, especially for girls bedroom, because it can generate free-spirited and magnificent feelings to the bedroom. Make sure they match your teenage girl’s personality and passion. Solid color and magnificent texture should be collocated to provide vivid and dramatic feelings. For example, use quilt in solid color and pillows with polychrome textures. Hanging attractive fabrics and textures on the wall, over the window or above the bed is also a good option. Laces and ribbons offer a fascinating outlook for a window, as well as fantastic and romantic feelings for the bed.


Step Four: Place an Elaborate Mirror

Carefully choose an elaborate mirror and place it in the bedroom to add mature and elegant feel. They are generally in an affordable price. We recommend you to purchase those with ornate and glittery frames to enhance its position, demonstrating her maturity and love of beauty.


Step Five: Add Technological Elements

We’re living in a modern planet that technology develops at a very high speed and takes most time of every teenage girl. Nowadays furniture is much more expensive than electronic products, so setting pc, laptops, tablet pc and audio systems in the bedroom is a good option instead of not essential furniture. By doing this her bedroom will gain a modern appeal.