Creative Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Teenage Girls on a Budget

Teenage girls will become quite delightful and happy when they know that their bedrooms are being decorated. But as decorating always cost parents lots of money, not every girl is lucky to see a new appearance for her bedroom. In fact, parents still have lots of work to do even if they don’t spend a dollar. Content Below is some bedroom decorating ideas for teenage girls on a budget that might give you a hand.



Normally, furniture would be your biggest money consumer. But you can collect all your matted furniture and have them repainted. It wouldn’t cost you much money and make them acquire a completely new outlook. The chair illustrated below, which is an excellent example of furniture repaint, may give you some inspirations. Before your repainting work, you’d better ask your teenager girls for some advice. If you plan to repaint the bedroom wall, then you can paint just one side, leaving other sides staying in original color. This will not only strengthen the bedroom’s visual effect but also save you some money.

bedroom decorating ideas for teenage girls on a budget


Bed linens

Choosing both beautiful and cheap bed linens is absolutely a technical work. If you’re a girl’s daddy, then you’d better ask your wife or female friends for girls bedroom ideas. The point in this stage is keeping coordinated. The bedding bags can meet your demand. It’s harmonized and cheaper than buying other beddings one by one. Another money saving method is that your unused t-shirt can be sew up the cuffs and bottom to make throw pillows.



It’s highly recommended to use fabric because it’s always a great way to decorate a bedroom on a very small budget. Fabrics decorate a bedroom with beautiful curves and it can be used everywhere, like frames and throw pillows. The fabrics used ought to be consistent with your bedroom theme. Add polychrome fabrics to furniture like cabinets and table dressers will make the whole room colorful.


Make the best of space

As mentioned above, we paint the bedroom wall for just one side. The other sides can be taken fully advantage of by installing hooks, shelves and showcases. Make sure the upper space of bedroom can be taken advantage of. You can hang some beautiful fabric patterns under the ceiling.