Classical Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Steps for College Girls

Hi girls, finally gets to the college and then gets into trouble decorating your bedroom, right? This is your first time to decorate your bedroom all by yourself, so you don’t want to make it get into disarray. If you’re living with your college mates, decorating your bedroom will become more funny and help pursue friendship. This article collects many inspiring and classical ideas and tips to help you go through the whole decorating process easily, making your bedroom more comfortable for sleeping, study and throwing a party. It also can be taken into consideration if you’re living in an apartment, dormitory or sorority house.


Ask for opinions

If you’re living with other college mates then you should talk with each other about what theme of decoration your bedroom should be. An eclectic, fashionable style, a conventional, formal style or a retro, country style, these would be your topics. Try to give an entirely new appearance to your bedroom.


Determine a theme

After talking with each other, then you should determine what theme of the bedroom should be. Normally, considering your college friendship, the theme of your bedroom should be an eclectic one which is accepted by all your room mates. The theme inspiration can be from music, popular culture, fashion, movies. This step is your brain’s show time, so just let your brain storm be out of control fully.


Choose a basic color and pattern tone

This is the most essential and significant part in bedroom decorating. No matter how messy and old your formal bedroom is, choosing the right color will lead you on the way to masterpiece. For a delightful appearance, helping you go through those long reading and study period, choosing a bright color for the wall is very necessary. Yellow, pink, white or light green are better choices. But we can’t let the wall be too monochromatic, so some suitable patterns with auxiliary colors are needed. Geometric, curved and interspersed patterns are very popular. Ragging or sponging on the wall or patterns is another popular way to avoid being too monochromatic.


Restricted? Try some wall decors

In some college campuses, bedroom decorating even becomes a fight for the rigid policies that ban permanent changes to walls, floors and ceilings. When painting is not allowed, what else can we do in bedroom decorating? An idea is detachable removable decor. Cover your bedroom wall with pictures, photos, posters and anything else helping decorate the wall. You can organize them to shape some characters or words. Pasting disks with tape in a disorderly way will have your bedroom wall sparkle. If you have extra money, buy a few canvases that are mounted on frames to cover your bedroom walls.


Be simple and gorgeous?

Maybe you desire an elegant look and dislike disorderly themes. You try to make your bedroom simple and gorgeous. Then you can consider doing this. First, bedroom walls can’t be painted in deep color. Soft and bright color, such as light green or pink, is needed. Second, bring some small potting, pets, draperies and aeolian bells to your bedroom and organize them orderly to create an orderly space. Third, monochromatic lamps with glass lampshade on your desk or bedside cupboard will add the gorgeous atmosphere too. Last, elegant bedding, such as white and pink, muted accent pillows and quilt, will strengthen the simple and gorgeous feelings. If you’re interested in pink bedroom decorating, you can refer to our article Pink Bedroom Decorating Suggestions for Girls.