4 Decorating Ideas for Tween Girls Bedroom

Searching for brand new stylish decorating ideas for your tween girls bedroom? These days we’ve been attempting to collect helpful and inspiring ideas as much as we can. From the moment that many girls grow up to 9 years-old, they may start to present desire of freedom. “I can finish it myself!” Mom and dad usually notice this and call it “Tweens”. Nowadays tween girls tend to be more and more conscious about their looks, begin to put on make-up, watch clothes styles, checking up what is awesome. Once tween girls get home from school, they just wish to feel ease. So Tween girls need both stylish and comfortable bedrooms to match their individuality and help them relax. Below are 4 tween girls bedroom decorating ideas that help to better show individual characteristics and create comfort.


Bed is not just a bed!

Bed is just a spot to rest, is it correct? It’s completely incorrect! The tween girls bedroom is really a spot to spend free time and also have fun with their buddies. A good choice of bed always helps to provide a room with unique appearance. An attic or a trundle style bed would offer bedroom with much more funny atmosphere.


Invite her to participate.

Give her more opportunities to take part in her bedroom’s decorating process. This would stimulate her interests and achieve the aspirations of “I can finish it myself!” Like wall painting, moving or resetting furniture, hanging draperies, all of these works can be totally done by them. Although decorating a tween room can be plenty of fun for them, you should remember that comfort is very important.


Like a lounge.

Tween girls will like to have a bedroom relatively similar to lounge, because they tend to be establishing long lasting friendships with others. A lounge-like bedroom will improve their friendship.

When it reaches “Tweens” period, they start to love the feeling of hanging out other than just “playing”. Providing them with “lounge”will probably slow down their speed of uncontrolled growing independence.


Don’t try complicated themes.

Tween girls always understand what they prefer, but what they prefer always changes extremely fast. So, don’t just say goodbye to your out of date room theme, just decorate them with new colors and patterns. Tween girls may tend to change her posters as she grows up, but former patterns and colors can still remain the same. It also save you some money. So in the beginning, decorate the room with her best like colors rather than pasting posters with her favorite superstar.


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