Valuable Suggestions for Bedroom Ideas for 14 Year Old Boys

When boys come into the age of 14, they start to become messy and lazy. Although they’re not likely going to be cleanly as girls in this age, they are as fussy as girls. So designing a bedroom which has plenty of space for them to heap up dirty outfits, smelly socks and dishes is very necessary. Most of boys in this age are messy more or less. If there are not enough space for them to lay up their things, the floor will become battlefield. Remember that it’s his private space, so the bedroom also needs to be inviting. Below are some valuable suggestions you should take into consideration if you plan to decorate your boy’s bedroom.


Do not use french windows

Teenagers care very much about their privacy. French windows will make a bedroom appear being lack of privacy. No teenager would like a bedroom with windows from floor to ceiling. They’ll feel exposed all the time and think it’s more like a studio other than a bedroom. If they want their windows treated, they can paste posters and banners on the window or string together their favorable team flags. If your boy is a sports fan, you may refer to 4 Valuable Decorating Ideas for Boys Bedrooms with Sports and Classical Pictures of Decorating Ideas for Boys Bedrooms with Sports.


Use carpets other than floor board

Most teenage boys hate wooden floors because bedroom with floor board looks too sterile and clean. It’ll make them feel like living in a hospital. They like carpets better for its warmth and comfort.


Do not use favorite colors and wallpapers of girls

Colors, like pink, yellow and purple, must not appear in a boy’s bedroom. Wallpapers with beautiful curves are also banned in a boy’s bedroom. Blue, white and green are well-liked by teenage boys. A mixture with blue as dominant color and orange or white as medium color will make the bedroom appear extremely vibrant. This would also help develop their vitality.


Use reversible bedding

Reversible bedding offers your teenage boy opportunities to alter the appearance of his bedroom now and then. Buy those bedding with single color on one side and geometrical patterns on the other. It’ll also save you a few money for its transformation to give the bedroom a completely a new look.