Tween Boy Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

Tween boys love to play with friends in their bedrooms, and at this age boys start to cover their children’s simplicity and act like a full-fledged teenager, so creating a comfortable and enjoyable bedroom is very important for them. But you must find that you have already been in a dilemma about how to design a bedroom not only on a budget but also reflecting your tween boy’s characteristics.

Designing a bedroom can cost you lots of money, but right here, you’ll find you can still do many things in decorating your boy’s bedroom within your budget plan. Discovering your child’s interests, the use of color and images, taking advices from them are key points you should take notice before their bedroom decorated.


Make a right theme decision before all things getting started

Before you getting everything started, you should talk with your tween boys that what theme of bedroom they prefer. Listening to them will give you wonderful ideas to improve your decorating plan. You can consider whether to choose a single theme bedroom or a combination theme bedroom. For boys, sports and music themes are commonly used. These themes also don’t cost you too much money. Like sports theme bedroom, all you need is just some uniforms, flags, posters and framed collectible cards of your boy’s favorite team hanging on the wall, buying a basket to fill with his favorite footballs, basketballs or baseballs. If you choose to create a music theme room, the first thing you should do is leave the wall blank. Then you decorate the wall together with your boys, using pictures, posters and magazine pages of their best like musicians and bands. You can also paste some old and blank CDs. Instruments is also a good choice to make the room more nice-looking.


Leave headboard for your tween boys

The headboard in a bedroom is always a great place that tween boys change their artistic imagination into actual artistic works. The headboard should be designed and customized by themselves. Don’t interfere their design with your ideas. At the very beginning of headboard design you should buy a sheet of headboard suitable for pasting pictures or painting colors. Their favorite superstars, teams, sports or anything else are all appropriate. Normally Acrylic wall paint and a clear shellac sealer can help you have this work done, and it won’t cost you too much money.


Fully reveal your tween boy’s individuality

You must have read a lot of ideas on the internet, trying to find some inspiring and cheap ones to help you decorate your boy’s bedroom. But have you ever considered the presentation of your boy’s personality in his bedroom? It’s an extremely vital part in tween boys bedroom decorating. No boy wants a bedroom designed for easily doing homework or reading books. His bedroom should be his haven to think, spend time alone and relax. Before you buy any decors, just ask them to check if they’d like it. Here we provide you a good way to not only present your boy’s personality but also save you some money. You can buy frames, pigment, and brushes to let them DIY some painting to hanging over the wall. Buying a small and cheap showcase for them to collect their achievements in life, such as medals, cups and their works is also a good option.


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