Creative Painting Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

Sometimes the bedroom can be regarded as a milestone, which is marked your kid’s growing experiences. It keeps changing along with your kid’s ages. It reflects your child’s personality, like and mood. According to design theory, the most effective demonstration method to reflect kid’s personality in bedroom decorating ideas is painting. It’s also the most affordable and creative way to customize bedroom walls. To be creative, you really need to read these painting ideas.


Use chalkboard paint

Being fond of drawing is kid’s nature. You can consider decorating the wall with chalkboard paint so that your child gains an area to express their imagination and creativities. By using chalkboard paint would not only practice his ability of thinking but also make him love the space that he contributes to. You can’t just paint all the walls with chalkboard paint because you can’t let your kid draw everywhere to generate chaotic sense for your bedroom. Paint just one wall or an area after determining its location. It’s recommended to choose the area three foot high from the floor.

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Choose colors they like

Kids have a strong feeling with colors. If possible, you can let him determine the color for his bedroom. Provide them a list of colors that you think appropriate and let them choose a favorite one. If you want to save money, you can just paint one side and leave others blank.

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Patterns and Murals

Wall with just one single color looks monotonous, especially for kids bedrooms. Using one single color as background and painting patterns or murals on it works fairly fine in kids bedrooms. But take notice that you should spend more time on figuring out which theme of patterns and murals best fits your kid’s personality and taste, otherwise you might mess it up. If you paint the patterns on your own, you need to carefully organize them and paint. If you plan to paint murals on the wall, you’d better hire a professional muralist to paint for you because not everyone could handle this. Bargaining is necessary.

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