4 Valuable Decorating Ideas for Boys Bedrooms with Sports

A sports based theme of bedroom is always a great bedroom decorating idea for boys, because it gives them energy and fun. Before you make a decision about his bedroom theme, you should focus on your boy’s interests, hobbies, favorite teams and superstars. There are so many Bedroom decorating ideas all around internet and we’ve collected plenty of Classical Pictures of Decorating Ideas for Boys Bedrooms with Sports. Here we’ll offer you 4 valuable bedroom decorating ideas to give you inspirations.


Paint suited color to match his best like

The bedroom walls is the best position to demonstrate your boy’s favorite sports, stars and teams for its covering of the whole room space. The color collocation you choose should match you boy’s  favorite team’s logo or jersey. For example, bedroom walls should be decorated in a yellow tone if your boy love the Lakers.


Paint or paste his favorite team logos and flags

Some logos and flags of his favorite team or superstar shadow patterns can be used to sparkle his bedroom. You can paint a straight line in the wall. After that you can paint the color below the line and patterns above easily. Another way is pasting logos and flags on the furniture, which can achieve the same visual effect. A tip here is, you can use image software to generate his favorite superstar’s shadow pattern. There’re many hand by hand courses if you search “How to create custom patterns” in google.


Emphasize his rewards

A showcase is necessary if your boy is both an enthusiast and a practitioner. It should locate in the most conspicuous position in the bedroom to demonstrate his honor. It’s also a good space to organize all the medals, trophies, other awards and collections. This way will motivate them reach high accomplishments effectively.


Choose perdurable furniture and bedding

Since it’s a sports theme based bedroom, your boys will frequently make it chaotic and dirty. Then choosing perdurable furniture becomes very essential. Here are 3 tips you should consider when choosing:

1. Do not choose very big furniture for safety. This “safety” is not only for your boys but also your furniture.

2. Prepare tools for furniture and floor for possible damage in the future.

3. Use old sport suits to make fun pillows because it easily dirty.