38 Inspirational Teenage Boys Bedroom Paint Ideas

When coming to the stage of painting your boy’s bedroom, you may get stuck because there are so many colors that you can choose and you just get caught between a rock and a hard place. Appropriate combinations of colors will grace a bedroom. All you need is to view a certain number of inspirational pictures with nice painting to have a clear mind to design. You can also ask your teenage boy to be with you getting through the whole process of exploring creative bedroom decorating ideas to find a design that you are both satisfied with.

Below are 38 excellent boy’s bedroom designs for you to find inspirational paint ideas. Focus on the color combination and you’ll find some myths on bedroom paint ideas.


  1. I was wondering what was used for the silver border in the red, gray and black boys teenage inspirational room ? Iam thinking it is some kind of tape.
    Thanks for the help

    • May I know which one you mean? Since there’re many room pictures in that theme. If it’s penultimate one, I think it might be some kind of metal.