38 Boys Bedroom Decorating and Makeover Ideas

Since you’ve come to this page, your boys must be big baseball enthusiasts and love playing it quite much. Decorating a bedroom of baseball theme will gives them big surprises and makes them happy living in the room. By doing this would also release their passion and personalities. Most makeovers of baseball bedroom are cheap and long lasting. It’s usually a smart way to meet your boy’s requirements with minimum cost. Below are 38 baseball bedroom decorating and makeover ideas and you’ll definitely find some of them are unexpected and inspirational.


  1. Anna-Marie says:

    I love the baseball theme and would love to know where I can find the wall murals, especially the mural in the first picture

    • Although it’s a classic design, that picture is years old and hard to find the original company. You can use Google image search to have a try. If you’re lucky enough, you may find the company.