Tips on How to Choose Wall Paint Colors

There are a few basic things that you should take into consideration when you plan to decorate your bedroom. The arrangement of furnishing, the decors, the feelings you want to create and the color ideas. The most important one is the color idea for your bedroom because it determines the whole style. It seems difficult, but if you carefully read the tips below you’ll handle it very easily.


1. When choosing wall paint colors, you should stay away from the colors that are insipid, like brown or gray, because these colors will result in depressed atmosphere and lead to bad mood for people. Gray often represents sorrow while brown shows a sense of loss. If you insist on these colors for some reason, try your best to keep it in a limitation.


2. Use color combinations. If you’ve watched the bedroom decorating pictures, you’ll find that most of them are not just based on one single color. A dominant color with similar shades is trend.


3. Before everything gets start, you should determine what atmosphere you want to generate for your bedroom. Wall color combinations are highly associated with people’s sense. Combinations with green and blue will bring peaceful feelings to people while red and purple will enhance the lively feel.


4. By choosing a harmonious wall color to go with your furniture, bedding, flooring or carpet will make a good hierarchic feeling for your bedroom. Avoid those colors in sharp contrast. If you’re irresolute in this step, you’d better choose neutrals for its compatibility to any color.


5. The last tip for you is taking your partner’s favorite wall paint colors into consideration. As you share the same space, so you had better choose a win-win color that fits both of your taste.