Classical Paint Color Ideas for Bedroom with Brown Furniture

Lots of bedroom’s furniture are based on a brown color, so sometimes it drives you crazy when you stuck in choosing the suitable paint color. In fact, because brown can be collocated to many colors like beige and cream for its neutrality, it’s really not hard to choose a suitable color. So you just need to deliberate the overall appearance that you want to design for your bedroom. Below is some classical paint color ideas that perfectly coordinate color with brown furniture.


Blue color, like light sky blue or pale turquoise

Blue, especially light sky blue or pale turquoise, is a very suitable color to be painted as dominant color to match brown. Blue walls and brown furniture, this combination will generate a very impressive appearance. Soft color like light sky blue or pale turquoise, shaded with brown furniture, will strongly highlight the furniture. If you dislike soft color, you can also choose a deeper blue color as the dominant color, which contains some seashell or mint cream accents.



The neutrals are regarded as a kind of hazy color in the field of home decorating. The representative neutral colors include light gray, beige and light steel blue. Neutral colors coordinate with all colors, so it’s a good choice to be designed as the dominant color in your bedroom. A good example of neutral color to match brown furniture, which is well accepted by the public, is light steel blue or beige. When beige is used as the dominant color, the furniture and other deep colored accessories can be all concordant.


Light color, like cream, seashell, floralwhite or ivory

Light colors work well with most neutral colors like brown. Normally, in order to extrude brown furniture in the space, people choose light colors to paint the wall because they are extremely attractive pairing with brown accessories. It’s also a good choice to sparkle the room and provide a feeling that  the room space has been extended. The appropriate light colors here include cream, floralwhite, seashell and ivory, which provide a soft and comfortable feeling for your bedroom and matches your brown furniture.